Saturday, March 31, 2007

Billy-G's new contract puts him in the same "pressure cooker" Fran lives in. With that kind of buck ($1.75 mil/year), I can assure you that there will be no celebratory shirts made for a NIT appearance. Boosted by 7 Aggie errors (the most in 8 seasons), Nebraska took the first game of the series, 11-4. Luckily, Childress assured fans that "we won’t make seven errors tomorrow." I feel better. The softball team gets a little nation exposure today, they will face OU on ESPN2 in about... an hour.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I want to take this time to point out what a d-bag Brent Z from the SA-Express is. He took Billy's no comment as an indication that he wanted the Arkansas job and the lack of a Thursday announcement of Billy's new contract as an indication that he wanted the Kentucky job. Great reporting Brent. Unfortunately I cannot find a picture of him or this post would be accompanied by a very flattering photoshop creation of our favorite ultra-responsible reporter.

Billy-G has FINALLY accepted the new contract, which is worth $1.75 million/year through 2015. The contract will make him one of "the Top 10 coaches in terms of income." Also noted in the in the press conference was that "All six Aggie seniors will have their degrees by this August." Considering where we were when Billy got here, that is great news.
In all of the Billy-G contract mess I some how missed this one. Kirk and Law were named defensive All-Americans by And this is not just another lame Internet award, this one is based (partially) on the votes of "Division I coaches and NBA scouts".

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am getting sick of this. Now the SA-Express is reporting that Billy G has "wants to keep open his options for the most tantalizing of current job openings — Kentucky." According to the story, an announcement was planned for today to announce the new contract but around 7pm they scrapped it.

[Update] What does not make sense to me is that the plan all along was for the Board of Regents to vote on Billy G's new contract on Friday, so why would there be an announcement today? I am pretty sure Brent Z (SA-Express beat reporter) made this "keep open his options"-crap up. After all, this is the same d-bag that took Billy's lack of comment as an indication that he wanted to coach Arkansas. How did that analysis work out for you Brent?

[Update] Brent Z has expanded his story from last night by cleverly adding "for now" to the original "Gillispie balks at A&M deal" headline. The unabridged version also claims that "Byrne insisted that Gillispie decide one way or another whether he wanted to accept the contract — or begin discussions with Arkansas." So with Arkansas window shut and no official acceptance Billy, must want the Kentucky job. I am getting this right Brent?
Benjamin Knox is a well known artist in the TAMU community. He had done some good stuff (I own his Northgate scene), but the dude cannot draw people to save his life. The most recent example is this tribute to "The Shot". I am a little confused because "The Shot" was last year, but the new score board was put in this year. Plus I am pretty sure Josh Carter is not a 9 foot tall alien...

Acie was awarded the Bob Cousy Award, the award for the best college point guard. Congrats Acie.
As the details of the Billy-G-Arkansas saga surface, it is obvious that $Bill Byrne played it perfectly. First he "did not return Broyles’ (Arkansas AD) calls for the first three days of the search." Byrne used that time to finalize the details of the A&M offer. However, it is common courtesy to give other schools access to coaches, so $Bill did just that. At "10 a.m. today [Byrne] gave Broyles permission to talk to Gillispie, then called back around noon to say Gillispie had told A&M officials he is staying put", giving Broyles just two hours to contact Gillispie. So, as you can imagine, "no official job offer was ever made". I love it. Great job $Bill.
Kentucky has not contacted Barnes. Music to my ears. I cannot think of one other opposing coach I would rather have in the Big-12 than Ricky Watermelon-Watermelon Barnes. He is perfect. He keeps his teams just good enough so they are ranked and make the tourney, which is good for the conference, but he can't coach a lick. Remember the Big-12 tournament? Texas was up 3 with a few seconds left and Kansas is inbounding from their baseline. So what defense does Barnes call, zone. ZONE?!?! A defense that attempts to force a long-range shot. Even the announcers were shocked. As you know, Kansas makes the 3 and wins in overtime. Nice call Ricky. Furthermore, think of the players he has had: Durant, Abrams, Ford, Tucker, and he still can't get better than .5 on us. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that no one steals this gem.

Acie was named a finalist for the Wooden Award. Billy G is set to bet the "highest-paid men's basketball coach in the Big 12 Conference". Both Acie and Billy have "lived up to Aggie tradition and broken all our hearts" (Sweet-16 loss). Texas blanked us in softball, 0-5. That is our 3rd scoreless game of the year. To say the baseball "soundly defeated" TCU is a bit of an understatement (13-2).

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Officials: Gillispie will remain head coach at A&M

Looks like Billy will get "
neighborhood of $2 million" through 2012 and assurances that construction on the new A&M basketball facility will begin on Monday. Billy has indicated that "he will not accept an offer from the University of Arkansas to replace fired coach Stan Heath, nor will he pursue any other available job openings".

I knew Acie was going to be in the Final Four 3 point shoot out, but now it looks like Marlon will be in the dunk contest. I have not been a fan of the dunk contest since the days of Jordan and Wilkins, but now my interest has been renewed.
Fellow TAMU blogger Brad, from The 12th Manchild, reported yesterday that
Arkansas AD Frank Broyles makes official contact with Gillispie

I have not seen this anywhere else yet. Great scoop.

[Update] I should really read the news before I post. Looks like SA-Express picked up the story. This whole thing is very strange shady. Arkansas AD, Frank Broyles, has "not talked to a single coach". Using "other channels", he has made his offer and is now "sitting by the telephone hoping to hear something". When asked about the offer TAMU AD, Dollar Bill Byrnes, said he will say something when he has "something to say". I interpret that to mean that no communication has gone down between Broyles and Dollar Bill, meaning this is a totally back room deal. That theory is supported by the stuff that Brad, same Brad as before, dug up by looking at flight records.
a plane linked to Arkansas booster & Broyles adviser, Reynie Rutledge, lands in College Station, but is only on the ground for about 35 minutes before heading back to Searcy, AR
Is Rutledge the "other channel"? There was a sighting of Billy later that day, so we know he did not get on the plane, but it is possible that Rutledge delivered Arkansas's deal to Billy at the airport, or one of Billy's associates (maybe his agent) got on that plane. Soon after Brad reported this, the Arkansas Board of Trustees removed their flight records from public viewing. Tracking their movements is now much more difficult and all of this even more shady.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Until now, all news you have read on here has been a regurgitation of other news sources. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Aggie Sports Blog's 1st piece of insider information. Two sources, one in the Texas governor's office (FYI, Texas Governor Rick Perry is an Aggie) and a major university donor (building-named-in-honor-of major) have indicated that Billy G will accept the contract to be approved by the Board of Regents later this week and remain the head coach of the Texas A&M men's basketball team. Okay that was not that big of a scoop, but cut me some slack.
I am trying to no let the Arkansas coaching saga take over my blog, but after 2383 "no comment" answers, anyone with credibility going on the record is noteworthy, especially papa-bear Bill Self. This is from a KC-Star Q&A...

Q: Your former assistant, Texas A&M coach Billy Gillispie, is rumored to be among the top candidates at Arkansas. What’s your response to the rumors that he was in discussions with Razorback officials before Stan Heath was fired Monday?

A: “I know Billy pretty good. I can’t imagine that. I can’t imagine that he’d talk to someone while (Heath) had the job. Billy tells me he’s really happy where he’s at.”

Acie Law has become Texas A&M's first AP All-American. I know you have read it 9875423 times already, but the turn around of this program exactly mirrors the turnround of this player. 0-16 to sweet 16, shy-get-my-shot guy to Mr. Clutch-carry-the-team guy. I was fortunate enough to watch one of his game winning 3's and be apart of the first fans in (I am guessing) at least a decade to rush the court. I called for it months ago, his jersey belongs in the rafters.
What do we know...
  • Dollar Bill Byrne is not commenting.
  • Billy G is not commenting, even when cased by reporters. Don't be to scared by this, he did not comment on the IU and NC State jobs last year.
  • Billy G and Acie are headed to Atlanta to watch the Final Four. Acie participating in the 3-point contest and is up for some awards.
  • DeAndre Jordan is not paying "much attention" to the rumors.
  • The Board of Regents is approving "additional enhancements to Gillispie's contract Thursday"
That is it. If you are interested in more iffy reporting there is this piece from an Arkansas paper. The paper states that while nothing official has taken place, "talks between Gillispie's friends and those close to the Arkansas program have occurred." However the article goes on to say that if Arkansas can't get Billy they will go after "Kansas' Bill Self and Southern California's Tim Floyd." Self and Floyd, ya right. Might as well add UNC's Roy Williams to that shortlist.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports has changed his article a 3rd time! Here are the versions the story...
  1. "[Billy] could be introuded as soon as Monday"
  2. "[Billy] could be introuded as soon as Tuesday"
  3. "one Aggie recruit who spoke to Gillispie on Monday indicated differently.

    "He said that everything out there was false, that if he ever left he'd let us all know first, and not to pay any attention to it," said Texas A&M signee B.J. Holmes. "The first time I spoke to him about it was when there was speculation he was going to Kentucky, and I just talked to him again not even 10 minutes ago.

I like his style, go to press 1st, check sources second.
Picked this one up in the basketball forum from Turkey 87, way too funny not to repost...
Andy Katz reported today that Billy G and Joe Jones met about the NBA draft. Billy thinks he should declare so he can "figure out what he needs to do to improve", then return for his senior year.
If you click on the link below you will notice that they have changed the "Monday" announcement to "Tuesday". Keep it classy Fox News.
Here is a report stating that that Billy has "agreed in principle and could be introduced as soon as Monday" as the head coach of ARKANSAS! Arkansas? WTF?
Somehow The Batt (the A&M campus paper) actually got a sports article right. The reason everyone is so nervous is that, assuming the UK job is offered, Billy G has to choose between coaching a "storied program full of legends, or [going] down as the most celebrated coach in the program's history." From a objective standpoint, there is not clear winner. Let's pretend you went to A&M, you are coaching football at Virgina Tech, and Notre Dame offers you a job. What would you do?
Two notes on the Billy-G-UK saga: First, Billy is back to business as usual. After returning from San Antonio he flew to Kansas to watch the Junior College Final Four. I would have very nervous if that tourney was in Kentucky, or near Kentucky. Thank you Missouri. And second, the Board of Regents are going to vote on how filthy rich they will make Billy G if he stays. Word is this will go down on Thursday. My guess is he will looking something like this if he stays...

It is too bad lead-off homers aren't worth 2. The bonus-run would have given us the series, but instead OU took it in extra innings, 7-8. This is our longest loosing streak of the year (2).

Friday, March 23, 2007

Okay, until I know what Billy G is doing I am going to over analyze every quote I hear...

Let's assume Billy's previous quote that he is "honest with [his] players" is true. Then assume that Acie believes Billy G is the epicenter of TAMU basketball success. Now consider Acie's post game quote that "The future is very, very bright for this program. It's headed in the right direction. The sky is the limit for these guys." Based on those two assumptions and that it is not likely that Acie would be so positive about our future if he thought Billy would leave. Therefore Billy G is not leaving.

I am not sure how much more of this I can handle.
Law missed. Nobody can grab a board. The refs hosed us out of at least 1/2 a second. And that was only the last 20 seconds of "lost opportunities". Now the season is over. 2nd in the Big-12. A sweet 16 appearance. A first team All-American point guard. That is a good season for any program. Even Kentucky. Enter the most annoying story of the off-season, and it is everywhere. The SA-Express alone has 2 stories about Billy and UK today (1 2). And I must say, Billy's "I'm honest with my players" quote does not exactly give me the warm fuzzies. The Sloan interview helps a little...
"I already talked to coach about that and he's an honest person - he gave me a straight up answer. I like the answer he gave me. You know I'm not really worried about that."
I guess I can sleep at night.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If anyone has kept a count of how many All-something teams Acie has been named to, then you can add one to that number. Well, maybe just .5, you can't really give the same weight to the "2007 All-Excitement Team" as you do to the the ESPN All-American First Team. I am really enjoying the press coverage this team is getting. Sports writers want to (are told to?) write stories about this team, but they can only publish so many "0-16 to sweet 16" stories. The result is more exposure to lesser known guys, like AK Dom-Kirk and Marlon "teddy bear" Pompey. Hell, even Blackburn got some ink a while back. Is that when you know you have made the national scene? When the scout-team makes the paper.

What is with our baseball team and marathon games? I like the win over Rice, but our pitcher are going to be mush by the time Big-12 play starts.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Considering Memphis plays in ultra-weak Conference-USA, we will be Memphis's "toughest test in months". These guys were a 1 seed last year and are a 2 seed this year, but Vegas has us by 3 and has us by 2. I think that is called no respect. That used to be our gig, until Acie started playing out of his mind. Lucky for us he is looking forward "making at least one more winning shot", how about 4 more?

I can't stand Mike and Mike, but Billy G was on their show so it was tolerable. Here is the link to the audio.
The women's missed "wide open, wide open, wide open shots" last night in a 59-47 loss to GW. Any time you shoot 32.8% from the floor you are going to have a hard time winning. No UConn-sweep this year. Memphis's leaded scored (15.4 ppg) Chris Douglas-Roberts has "three days to try to get well" after spraining his ankle in the Nevada game. While his coach is not sure, Douglas-Roberts says he will play.

The baseball team was able to make a late comeback mean something this time. 3 runs in the 8th tied it and 1 in the 9th gave us the W in the final game of the Kansas series. Kyle Nicholson, who lives "for that type of game", pitched the last five innings and allowed only 1 un-earned run. His weekend effort (4 hits and 1 unearned run in 10 innings) was enough to earn him his 2nd Big-12 pitcher of the week honor. As good as he his, Childress knows we can't "continue to do this week-in and week-out with Kyle Nicholson".

Spring drills have started. With "
17 starters back, counting the punter and kicker" Fran has his eyes set on the Big-12 championship in SA. If it spring drills seem to be startring a little late it is because they are. Fran waited 2 weeks to kick things off due to the combo of injuries and a new strength/conditioning coach. He thinks the wait "paid dividends. We broke 14 records in the weight room." Looking at the BCS formula, I am a little lost as to which factor depends on weight room records.

Monday, March 19, 2007

More love for my boy Dom-Kirk from The Big Lead...
As much as it pains us to say this … before Chris Douglass-Roberts went down, Memphis actually had that Final Four look. Not sure what’s up with his ankle, but hopefully, Acie Law and vastly underrated Dominique Kirk beat the annoying arrogant Tigers
Acie is a finalist for the Naismith Trophy. You too can help stuff the ballot box by sending the text message "VOTE" to "87654" for a ballot. Danielle Gant did her best Dom-Kirk impression and dropped 20 to help beat UTA in the 1st round of the women's tourney. They are facing GW tonight. Any idea what the odds are that we pull a UConn and get the sweep?

What would you think if I said the score of the A&M/Kanas game was 17-13? Um...1st half of the national championship? No. The correct answer is the final of a marathon 4.5 hour game. At least we have found our bats.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The dust and my outrageous bar tabs have settled and we are in the sweet 16. Holy crap! Through all the games, one guy stood out to me. Dom-Kirk, the kid from Bryan Adams that "nobody wanted" (in the interest of full-disclosure, he stood out to ever beat writer in American, the difference his that he has been my favorite player since Josh R. was telling me there is no way he should be starting his freshman year, there was no way he would start his sophomore year, and he was beat out of his starting position by Sloan in his junior year, suck it Josh). He arrived on Thursday averaging 6.5 a game. Then he decided to "just let it ride" and doubled it in the Penn game (16) and tripled it in the Louisville game (21). 2 of those 21 came off free throws set up by one of his two steals. Acie put it perfectly, Kirks does not "normally get all of the attention... [but] stepped up and made huge plays for us."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

With all the talk of Tubby out and Billy in at Kentucky, the selection committee has a warped "sense of humor" by shipping us to Lexington. So do d-bag sports writers in Austin who come up with clever headlines like "Gillispie is headed to Kentucky". Acie adds a few more to his All-something list (The Sporting News,United States Basketball Writers Association All-American). Antoine Wright says A&M was not acting in his "best interest" by placing him in easy classes. My question is how much more he is making than any other 1st year A&M grad, ever? Seems like the administration was looking out for his best interests. He is doing better than I will ever do, and I got 2 degrees at A&M. You know what, maybe the administration was not looking out for my best interest by letting me on the court to show my skills. I had a mean post up.

Annoyingly enough, OSU is on and done in the NIT. Oh wait, I was happy we lost. Forget I said anything.
Okay, my picks are in. I hate them. I always hate my picks. My final four is Florida, Kansas, George Town and Texas A&M. Kansas beat us by one, 71-70, to win it all. G-Town over USC was a tough pick, the other 3 were not too bad. I had a much better time with this before I read Ken's analysis of the brackets. However Bill Simmons made me feel better with what he said about us...
A&M is exactly the type of team that can beat the Buckeyes: A good defensive team with a smart coach (Billy Gillespie), an experienced crunch-time guard (my man Acie Law IV), two great 3-point shooters (Law and Josh Carter) and one of those crafty foreign centers who could lure Oden away from the basket (Antanas Kavaliauskas). OSU's biggest strength is Oden's defense -- he destroys any team that's accustomed to getting points in the paint. Against a team like UNC, he'd wreak havoc. Against the Aggies? No way. They could break 70 points without ever venturing within 10 feet of the basket. Regardless, this match-up could be a classic.
But then I remind myself this guy knows nothing about college basketball, I am pretty sure he doesn't even like it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I rarely post on topics that are not about the Aggies, but I had to this time. Here is a clip of Florida's Noah doing a post-game celebration dance. This might be the worst ever...

Here are some other, for comparison...

I feel like a proud parent. My little team is all growns up. We made

Monday, March 12, 2007

Our first game is in Lexington, KY against Penn, not "No. 2 seed Wisconsin". After the Ivy-League champ we are likely to face Louisville. "Can you say huge home-court advantage?"

I am not sure why a 6th seed gets such a short commute. The good news is that if we can get past those 2 we will end up in San Antonio. Which is about as far from College Station as Lexington is from Louisville.

I am pretty sure we cannot play the "no respect" card anymore, well Acie can't:
There are 2 good questions with our 3 seed:

1. Did we get hosed?
No. I think the loss gave Memphis the 2 seed over us. Wisconsin has always been ranked above us and lost in the Big 10 title game to Ohio State. Georgetown stared off a little slow, but won a bunch of games against ranked teams and won the Big East. UCLA was knocked out of the Pac-10 tournament earlier than expected, and they has a similar record as us. So, since they beat us it is hard to argue that they should be seeded higher than us. The iffy one is Memphis. They play in the pretty crappy Conference-USA. Even so they were perfect in conference and it is hard for them to do any better than that.

2. Did we hose ourselves?
Yes, and no. I think the 3 and not 2 is because of our early exit. But considering I convinced myself that loosing was good for team focus and fitness, and I think we are in the easiest bracket, we may have done ourselves a pretty big favor.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

We are a 3 seed in the San Antonio bracket. The first team we face is Penn in Lexington, KY. The 1 seed is Ohio State and the 2 seed is Memphis. Let the games begin...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I knew the OSU had more to play for, but I still thought we would win. So, like every fan whose teams get knocked out of the conference tourney, I am now trying to convince myself it is a good thing.
Okay. I am convinced. Are you?
So maybe you shouldn't ignore people who tell you that is hard to beat a team three times in a season. We can't. OSU made a shot to win it, we missed a bunch of shots to not win it and we were bounced from the Big-12 tourney. Why do we always suck in the Big-12 tourney? Before Billy it was because, well, we sucked. But now?

Friday, March 9, 2007

I just read the new Sports Illustrated. Multi-page article about Acie, Billy, and the team's turnaround. There was even a 1/2 pager on the great job Gary Blair is doing with the women's team. Highlight is a full page shot of Acie taking to the hole in the OSU game.
Day 1 Big-12 tournament wrap up:
  1. Baylor thumps Mizzou (called it)
  2. Tech beat Colorado (called it)
  3. OSU gets revenge, beats Nebraska (called it)
  4. OU doesn't quite blow a huge lead, beats Iowa State (missed it)
That leaves us with the following match ups
  1. OU and Kansas
  2. Tech and K-State
  3. Baylor and Texas
  4. OSU and Texas A&M
We have had our way with OSU twice this season, our average margin of victory is 19 points. Some people might tell you, "It is hard to beat a team three times in one season". Ignore them. We win tonight, for the 3rd time, even if they "play defense like they did Thursday".

The women's team bounced out of the Big-12 tourney a little sooner than I expected.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I am at .50 right now. ISU lost to the anti-streaking OU and Tech hung 10 on Colorado. Carson is 2-2.
Ever want to read the contract/tax info on a D-I basketball coach... It is your lucky day. Check out this USA Today article, the goods are in the top right.
Here is a tribute to the seniors...

Cody Wallace set a school record at last night's Night of Champions. Apparently squatting 740lbs is hard, and at little homoerotic. I will let you be the judge...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Acie Law is racking a slew of All-something awards. AP All-Big 12 team, Experss-News All-Big 12 team, ESPN All-American (1st time for an Aggie on the 1st team). Those awards really boost his NBA resume. However Acie is not thinking about right now, he is focused on "leading these guys." So, I am not aware of any jerseys in the rafters in Reed Area, but I am thinking "Law IV" will be up there soon. Maybe is would look like....

In case you can't tell, that is Acie's jersey in the top left corner....

The women stomped Colorado 62-45, "1 seed isn't too bad". Whip an 8 seed, up next is a 5 seed. Lookin good.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Here is a graph of the efficiency of our Big-12 play, 2nd order polynomial trend lines are included:

As you can see (try clicking), the place of our games has stayed pretty constant, and both our offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency have gone up (up is good for offensive and bad for defensive), with defense at a slightly steeper slope. So one way to interpret this is that our offense is making up for our defense. Thoughts?

Before the start of the final game of the Domino’s Pizza Aggie Baseball Classic , both teams (Texas A&M and Oregon State) agreed not to start an inning after 5:40 due to Oregon State travel plans. That kindness turned against us. We rallied back, scoring 4 in the 8th, to come within 1 of tying the defending national champions. But then, OOPS! it is after 5:40, so we did not play the last inning. I guess that is why they make the game go 9. Our win streak is stopped at 14 with the 8-9 loss. However the we own the tie breaker so we won the classic, and I am guessing a bunch of crappy pizza.

Monday, March 5, 2007

A number of Aggies worked at for NFL scouts at pro-day. This is a chance for players to show off their strength, speed, and skill outside of the combine. Billy G thinks the Big-12 front office doesn't do "good a job of marketing" and teams like K-State suffer. K-State has 10 conference wins but is still a bubble team. Childress's chat with starting pitcher Kyle Thebeau "one batter into the game" did the trick. After throwing 6 straight balls, Thebeau went on to strike out 10 in 8 innings and get the 6-5 win.
Steve Czaban hosts a morning radio on D.C.'s Sportstalk 980. On that show they had a segment this morning called "upon further review" where he/callers give scenarios where they have changed their minds in the same fashion NFL officials change calls after looking at the instant replay. Why do you care? WELL Czaban opened the segment with, "Upon further review, I really like Texas A&M's basketball court." He went on to say it is very cool and very unique. I am loving this national exposure.
Billy G gets Big-12 coach of the year and Acie gets 1st team all-conference, but not Big-12 player of the year. Not EXACTLY the outcome I was hoping for Acie, but all-conference is still a great accomplishment. If we are going to be a power house, we need at least one all-conference guy every year (Kansas had 2 this year). Any guesses on who will be next? Joe is every one's 1st guess, Sloan is my dark horse. I think Joe can do it, he just has to STOP FOULING!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Here is Acie's post game speech, good luck understanding what he is saying:

And here are all of the seniors:

I am not a huge Bill Simmons fan, but I am of fan of ripping on Ricky Barnes, so for now I am a Bill Simmons fan...
The way Rick Barnes butchers this team on a game-to-game basis is unconscionable... Do they have plays in their playbook called "Durant stands frozen 25 feet from the basket while other guys dribble aimlessly" and "half-assed pick-and-roll that leads to nothing" and "Durant posts up while the point guards stare him down, then reverse the ball the other way?" They're going to get bounced from the NCAA Tournament this month solely because Barnes has no idea how to get Durant the ball.
Simmons is also a pretty big fan of Acie (but seriously who isn't?)...
If Acie Law IV isn't one of the top 10 picks in this year's draft, I give up. He's like a cross between Damon Stoudamire (back when he still had his fastball) and Sam Cassell (in the testicles department), and if you didn't get goosebumps during the replay of him screaming "That's what I do! That's what I do!" at his teammates after draining one of his life-saver threes in Austin, I don't know what to tell you. You could go to war in the playoffs with this guy for the next decade.
Our baseball team continues to dominate in the Domino's Pizza Aggie Classic. Blair Stouffer drove in 5 to help hang 13 on Saint Louis. That give us 13 in a row. Please no conference melt down, please no conference melt down, please no conference melt down.
All regular-season Big-12 games have been played, which means the it is your turn to over-analyze the match-ups and impress your co-workers with you ability to pick the dark horse...

A record crowd showed up to see the seniors (,,) off. A 17-4 post-halftime run made up for the 42-42 first half, and Blackburn's 2 pointer made it a 94-78 W. With all these guys have been through from (0-16 to 2nd in the Big-12) there was A LOT of emotion, here is a summary: "Coach Billy Gillispie and his six seniors fought back tears", "Kavaliauskas, who was teary-eyed..", "this morning at shoot around, he [Acie] was crying." You get the point.

When $Bill brought Billy G in three years ago "Law was stubborn, Pompey soft." But he still made the "lofty prophecy" of making the Final Four. With Law a possible Big-12 player of the year and Pompey our best defender, this team might just go that far. Hell, Acie things we will " win a national championship"

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Big-12 women's basketball awards were announced on Friday. Congrats to conference coach of the year, Gary Blair. Aqua Franklin and Takia Starks were named to the first team. Danielle Gant got the 6th man (woman?) award. Fant and La Toya Micheaux were named to the All-Defensive team.
Our baseball team is putting together quite the resume. We added a W over last years national champion, Oregon State, which will look very nice next to our W over top-ranked Rice.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Congrats to Gary B and the women's basketball teams. They beat Texas to earn a share of the Big-12 Title.
So we lost in the 2nd overtime, 96-98. If I told you Acie had a season high 33 points (27 in the 2nd half) a Ricky Watermelon Barnes said Acie's "performance tonight was about as good as I've seen" you would expect a W. However "The Acie Law Late Show" wasn't enough to make up for two starters (Joe and Carter) fouling out. Same old story, "They made 14 more free throws, and we had 11 more fouls." We (JOE!) really need to clean up our play before the big dance starts. When we have all of our guys in we are really good, but that seems to pretty rare.

As much as I hate losing to these guys, I must admit this was a great game. It feels great to not be the whipping boy in the rivalry.
This is great. Prison-style ass slap during last night's game.

Pulled from