Saturday, August 30, 2008

0-1. Same record as Baylor.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sophomore running back Cornell Tarrant of Samuell has transferred to Stephen F. Austin because of "undisclosed personal issues." Issues such as not enjoying the wrong end of the depth chart.

We face power-house UNC on the pitch today. This is a bit of a rebuilding year for us, while the 19-time national champ Tar Heals have 11 returning starters (I think that is all of them). Cross your fingers, this may be ugly.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Gone are the bend-but-don't-break days." Have you read sweeter words? The answer is no. New d-coordinator Joe Kines junked that crap and has guys in the mindset of a "lion catching the gazelle."

JTrain practiced yesterday, no pads, no contact, but still suffers from headaches from his August 13th injury. 2 weeks and he still has headaches, get he kid an MRI.

My boy JC (Jason Carter) added to the reasons why NFL pre-season games are stupid when he popped his ACL late in the fourth. He is dunzo, cut Carolina head coach John Fox said "...if he works like (he did this year) he'll be back next year."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Depending on who you read, J Train is anywhere for questionable (DMorn
News) to doubtful (HChron) for the season opener on Saturday. The big
man suffered a 'stinger' (something short of a concusion) a week or so
ago and has not practiced since. Shermi has a 'major concern' with
his absence in conditioning drills, for obvious reasons. Backup Nick
LaMantia is nursing a sprained but should be ready to take JTrain's
spot against Arkansas State.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It is late August and two things are happening, students are back on campus and fall-camp is over. While the kids are welcomed by bed bugs in the dorms and a administration that is not to joining the national lobby that believes the minimum drinking age of 21 is not working, Shermi and the boys ended with a two-hour scrimmage before 1,500 fans. As expected, the backs "did a nice job," and as you might not expect, "the defense... made some key plays." Maybe we wont be the softy gooey mass that some think we will be (Side note: I feel that, at this point, saying we are "not exactly the 'Wrecking Crew'" is much like saying the earth is warming. No shit.).

Monday, August 18, 2008

This weekend's scrimmage gave our guys the chances to "practice every possible situation known to man in football." If you think Shermi has a case of the hyperboleies, don't. We did "short yardage, goalline, redzone, punting, kicking, went for two, had the last eight minutes of the game, four-minute offense and defense, two-minute offense and defense and then we went into overtime and finished by being backed up (to the goalline)." I think is pretty much everything.

Highlights came from Goodson and true Freshman running back Cyrus Gray. "Cyrus had the long catch on the inside seam route" and "Goodson finished very well today, which was good to see coming off that [hamstring] injury."

Mr. QB crush himself Mi Bennett managed to dust himself off after being declared academically ineligible for last year's Alamo Bowl. Shermi is "counting on Michael Bennett big-time" this year. Welcome back. Easy on the late hits.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

McGee got the starting spot. No is surprised.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am traveling sans laptop for the next few days, so posts will be

Goodson returned to practice, but looked like crap ('rusty').

Lane sat out with a 'stinger'. I am still annoyes with him. His
"drink less alcohol" diet is both underwelmimg and disturbing.

Our men's basketball scheduel is still not out. Previously, I thought
we were waiting on a tourney invite, which was wrong. We seem to have
accepted a bid to the South Padre Invitational months ago. Now I
think a team bailed on us and we are looking for someone willing to
travel to the BCS.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stephen McGee is "emerging" in the mostly media-hyped QB showdown. I don't think any one really expected Johnson to start this season.

With Mike Goodson and this pulled hammy watching from the sidelines--- sans cell phone, camera, and audio/video equipment --- Shermi has gotten a good look at true-freshman running back Cyrus Gray, and is impressed...ish, "He’s got to clean up some things he’s making mistakes on. You’ve got to weigh that with his productivity on the other stuff. But I’m excited about him. He’s doing a nice job." Lane has also been getting some snaps at his old stop in Mike's absence, but the coaches still think he is still too fat.

Sophomore wide receiver Roger Holland, who caught four passes for 52 yards, including a 32-yard touchdown reception against Kansas, will redshirt this season due to a concussion he suffered in the spring. Shermi don't "mess around with head injuries."

After all the new mascot brouhaha, hubbub, scuttlebutt, and kerfluffle, we picked another female collie. Good job big search team. My vote was for a mutt, I guess I am just old-school.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

48% Final Vote 52%

We barely edged Georgia. Up next is Alabama. This is a tough bracket. If we were in the Bowden bracket, we would be up against this beat ass helmet.
$Bill has much love for Coach Blair in the form of $800K a year through 2012; "Our first-ever NCAA Elite Eight appearance in April exceeded expectations we could have only imagined before the hiring of coach Blair and his staff."

"...exceeded expectations we could have only imagined" sounds so awkward.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fran will be the four-letter network's color man for an Alabama game this year. I thought he was more of a print-media kind of guy.
Training camp has started and things were "generally sloppy"; J-Train is still too heavy (+30 at 290); and our recievers only dropped "one or two today." Our QB decision is now 9 days away with both guys feeling good. McGee is in the "offense [he] always wanted to be in," and Johnson thinks "[he's] improved a lot since last year... scheme-wise, just understanding the defenses and protection and things like that." Based on those statements I think the McGee has the job. A guy who just learned how to play the position doesn't give me a ton of confidence.

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's the quarterfinals of the four-letter network's Helmet Clash (helmet, ha!) and we are facing the Georgia Bulldogs. Cast your votes here. This is a no brainer; they have stickers on their helmets, what is this, high school?

The football team reported to campus yesterday light two player; Derrick Hall and and Blake Chavis did not meet NCAA eligibility requirements. Hall was a 4-star player and the fastest guy (hopefully not the smartest) in the class.

Our men's basketball schedule is still MIA, but LSU posted our date with the Tigers --- Dec. 20th.

Friday, August 1, 2008

We had 3 votes in the USA Today pre-season poll. To give you an idea of how bad that is, UNC also had 3 votes. Did I mention this is a FOOTBALL poll.
Goodson make ESPN's top Big 12 running backs list; number 3 behind NE's Marlon Lucky and OU's DeMarco Murray. thinks Goodson "Finally has the right coach to make him into the Aggies' featured running threat." Even with Goodson's emergence, the bookies still put our odds of winning the Big 12 at +800.