Monday, March 31, 2008

Got this picture from Jack Oden '72. He pulled it from the Memphis "game".
What do you make of this? Bush's thumb is clearly extended, but his pinkie is also out there a bit. I would have to say, given the orientation of the hand, there is no way he is making a little longhorn. That my friends is a gig'em.

What to keep it real GW.
We beat Duke 77-63 and advance to our first ever regional final (in men's basketball the regional final is called the elite eight, but all of the articles about this win say we advance to the regional final, strange).

After playing all 20 min of the first half, and scoring eight, All-Big 12 player Danielle Gant had to receive intravenous fluids for treat dehydration, and did not return. Coach Blair told the trainers "if she's dizzy, I'm sick." It was no matter. In the second half Patrice Reado scored all of her 17 points, and pushed a four point halftime lead into double digits about half way through the second half, and kept it there for the remainder of the game.

We face Tennessee in the Elite Eight regional finals. Coach Blair kept up his if-she-then-I jokes when asked about Gant's status for the game, saying that "she better be available or I'm not going to be available." Oh Gary, your a hoot.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Goodson was taken off the practice field on a back board after an injury in some "limited-contact" drills. Shermi said , "he got his face mask pulled, and torqued his neck. All the extremities were responding, but he had pain in his neck. He probably has a pretty strong neck strain." Very scary.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not much going on in spring drills, except Sherman's announcement that J-Train "will have to adapt to being a fullback in the new offense." WHAT? Was this known? Did I miss the memo? This switch is breezed over in the article, so it seems Brain Davis of the D-Morn didn't think it was a huge deal. I think it is a big deal. Our featured back for the last three years gets demoted. First Shermi says he needs to loose weight, now he is a blocker. I want to know what the big guy thought of the switch. I want to know if he went to the sideline, batted down a water bottle, and cried... again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Turgeon's response to the Sloan no-call:

"There's nothing you can do; we had our chances. It's frustrating because we were playing so well and peaking. I know we could have been really good this weekend. It's frustrating. I know I would have had our guys ready for Western Kentucky."

Turge will meet with DeAndre this week to chat about his future in the NBA. I have no clue why any NBA team would carry a player on their roster who was not competitive in the Big 12, but he is still a lotto pick.

According to one draft site his upside is:
Jordan is a legit 7-footer with a pterodactyl wingspan, outstanding hands, and unbelievable athleticism—showing terrific quickness, incredible explosiveness getting off his feet, running the floor like a deer, and making highlight reel caliber plays at times that few players in the world are able to execute.
That sounds good, but then you look at his down side:
Offensively, Jordan is still extremely raw, displaying unpolished footwork, having a tough time establishing position for himself in the post, and clearly struggling finishing through any type of contact, even against very average competition at times. He has a difficult time holding his spot on the block, lacking a great deal of core strength and balance, and therefore often preferring to fade away from his matchup softly rather than go up strong at the rim. He lacks fundamentals on this end of the floor, not really knowing how to set proper screens, blowing open dunks at times, and not possessing any real counter moves or a left hand to speak of at the moment. The abysmal 40% he shoots from the free throw line tells you all you need to know about his shooting range, while the five turnovers he commits for every one assist makes him the second worst player in our entire database in that category, and speaks volumes about where he is at in terms of his court awareness and overall feel for the game.
Holy crap. Basically he is weak, gets pushed around, and cannot play the game of basketball.

Even if he has dropped out of the top 10, rumor has it that he doesn't get along with coaches (who constantly call him a baby) and teammates (who he almost got in a fight with on Saturday) so he will still be off our roster next year.
We stomped Hartford 63-39 to advance to the sweet 16 for the second time in school history. Our defense was the key in this one (obviously, they only scored 39 points); Hartford had 25 turnovers on 8 assists and shot only 34% from the field. We had almost as many points off turnovers (30) as they did total points (39). Danielle Gant lead all scorers with 21 points.

Next up is the winner of the ASU/Duke game.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The women play Hartford tonight in the 2nd round. Looks like the game will be on ESPN2.
Was Sloan fouled? You decide:

(pics from
The bottom line was a 25-11 record. It wasn't as good as last year's 27-7, but it's light years better than the 7-21 mark — 0-16 in the Big 12 — that seniors Kirk, Jones and Beau Muhlbach endured when they arrived four years ago.
Does anyone have a problem with this quote from the Austin American Statesman? Just in case you don't see it, here is our roster from 4 years ago:

1 Law, Acie
2 McIntosh, Marcus
3 Blackburn, Brian
4 Green, Edjuan
5 White, Kenneth
10 Walker, Chris
11 Clemente, Luis
15 Leach, Bobby
21 Wright, Antoine
22 Kirk, Dominique
25 Koeneke, Matt
30 Jones, Joseph
33 Loewe, Justin
40 Weishuhn, Slade
42 Pompey, Marlon
Johnston, Josh
Lee, Logan

Yep, four years ago Beau Muhlbach was playing at Arizona, not Texas A&M.

Great piece Randy Riggs (
With 8:44 left in the game, we were up 8 on the #1 seed, then this happened...

8:44TAMU missed layup0-0-0
8:40UCLA made layup1-0-0
8:03TAMU missed 31-0-0
7:47TAMU foul1-0-0
7:31TAMU foul1-0-0
6:54UCLA made layup2-0-0
6:25TAMU missed jumper2-0-0
6:21TAMU missed layup2-0-0
6:18TAMU missed layup2-0-0
6:17TAMU foul2-0-0
6:17UCLA made free throw3-0-0
6:17UCLA made free throw4-0-0
5:56TAMU missed layup4-0-0
5:51TAMU foul
5:51UCLA missed free throw4-1-0
5:51UCLA made free throw5-1-0
5:25TAMU missed 35-1-0
4:14UCLA foul5-1-1
4:14TAMU made free throw5-1-1
4:14TAMU missed free throw5-1-1
3:23TAMU missed layup5-1-1
3:20UCLA foul5-1-2
3:20TAMU missed free throw5-1-2
3:20TAMU missed free throw5-1-2
3:03UCLA made jumper6-1-2
2:05TAMU missed 36-1-2
1:37UCLA made jumper7-1-2

TAMU basketball things to work on in 2008:
1) Scoring at least two points every five minutes

Friday, March 21, 2008

The team had been telling Carter "all week just to keep shooting (and) it was going to fall." Well they were right. Josh tied a career high, and a team tournament high, with 26 points in only 16 shots. BYU head coach Dave Rose decided to double Joe and company down low, and force us to shoot from outside, so "when [Carter] hit that first one, [he] knew it was going to be a big challenge."

Carter had a huge game, but he didn't do it by himself. Joe Jones and Bryan Davis started flat, but after Turgeon "challenged them at halftime" they responded. Joe had a double double with 12 boards and 1o points. Bryan was almost there with 7 boards and 11 points. Kirk and Sloan had 8 each, but Kirks 3 and Sloan's free throws at the end helped seal up the win.

With the win Turge became the winningest first-year coach in Big 12 history.

Here are some highlights if you missed it.

Oh ya, if you get SI, Bryan Davis is on the cover with his tough face:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The tough times for our team that started just before the Big 12 tournament continued before the big dance. Before heading west, the team boarded a bus at 9AM and traveled to Grand Prairie to attend funeral services for Donald Sloan's mom, who passed away last Thursday. The plan was to then practice at the SMU facilities, then fly out to LA. However weather delayed their flight, and the team didn't get to their hotel in Calli until 4AM. A funeral, a practice, and a delayed flight. That is a full day. Considering all the team has been through, this week, this year, this decade, it is pretty amazing we are where we are; even Dom-Kirk can't believe it, "I really didn't think it would be so quick and everything. But it's just a dream come true."
I made it out of the woods just in time to finish my bracket. My final four is Louisville, Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA (yes, I have us loosing to UCLA on Saturday), with KU winning it all over UCLA 79-72.

In our fourth-straight postseason we got a 9th seed, which makes me curious why the selection committee is the only organization that thinks we are an underdog to BYU. Vegas gives us the edge, and Ken Pomeroy's log5 system put us at more of a 6 seed.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I am headed into the Smoky Mountain backcountry for the next few days. Things I will miss...

Baseball opens up conference play against Texas Tech tonight. Brooks Raley (2-0 1.80 ERA) will start for the good guys, and AJ Ramos (1-2 5.71 ERA) for the bad guys.

Men's Big-12 quarterfinal game against KSU tonight. DeAndre Jordan is still questionable for tonights game. The training staff took him to the hospital during last night's game, fearing an appendicitis. Turns out it was the flu, which is slightly less serious.

Women's Big-12 championship game against OSU on Saturday.

Selection Sunday.
                          TOT-FG  3-PT         REBOUNDS
15 SLOAN, Donald....... g 4-11 0-2 4-9 1 8 9 1 12 9 3 0 2 35

This is the kind of stat line we should expect from Sloan. Under .500 on free throws is eh, but 9 assists make up for it. You read the box score and think: Good; he is showing up in the post-season. You read the story on the game and think: OH NO, I can't believe he played!

Sloan didn't travel with the team to Kansas City so that he could spend more time with his mother, Sandra, who passed away Thursday morning. Shortly after her death he flew to the Big-12 tournament and nearly had a triple double in a must win game, saying that "I think she would have wanted me to play this game."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baylor just lost in double overtime to Colorado, 91-84. Colorado scored 17 points in the second overtime. The four-letter network bracket guys say that
The Bears will play the last-place team in the opening round of the conference tourney, then would get a crack at Oklahoma in the quarters. They probably can survive a loss there, but we'll see.
I read that to mean that Baylor can loose to OU and still expect to get in, so did they just blow their first chance in 23098732 seasons to dance? Does this hurt us? Are your eyes crossed yet?
Donald Sloan didn't travel with the team to Kansas City for "personal reasons", and missed Wednesday’s practice in Kansas City. He is expected to make it up there for the game tonight.
In the Summit league championship between mascots. Mascot on mascot crime.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Former Texas A&M defensive lineman, and two time All-American Ray Childress was inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame last night. Unfortunately Ray was unable to make the ceremony in Waco, as he was leaving for the airport the clobber line rang, again.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You may be surprised to know that in March there are other sports besides men's basketball that are in season. Why would they do that? I have no idea, but they did. So here's my attempt to catch up...

Baseball: After dropping two of our first three games, we have come back and won 10 out of our last 11, swept the Dominos Pizza Classic, and took the series against Big East Champs Rutgers. Freshman pitcher Brooks Raley was named the Phillips 66 Big 12 Co-Pitcher of the Week for his 10 Ks in 7 2/3 innings against Rutgers. We are currently 11-3 with Big 12 play starting on Friday against Texas Tech.

Women's Basketball: We started out pretty shaky in conference play, loosing 4 out of 5, but since then we have won 10 our of the last 11 (same streak as in baseball, strange), and head into the Big 12 tourney ranked 11 in the last AP poll. Coach Blair thinks this team is "playing better than what we played last year going into the Big 12 tournament." Last year we came into the conference tournament ranked 1, but lost to Iowa state in the semis. The slow start this year puts us the 4 spot.

Softball: Behind Megan Gibson's pitching, we have climbed to a 3rd in the latest national poll (to be honest, I should say fall, not climb, because we were two, but that sounds stupid). Gibson has picked up three of the five Big 12 pitcher of the week awards given out so far, a USA Softball Collegiate National Player of the Week award, and a NFCA Leadoff Classic All-Tournament team honor.
All-Big 12 men's basketball awards have been posted. Joe Jones and Josh Carter got Honorable mentions, and DeAndre Jordan made the All-Big 12 rookie team. Only two teams didn't have players in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd teams; Missouri and Texas A&M. In fact I am a glass-half-full kind of guy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Deadspin took a look at the 15 most hyped freshman in college basketball. As you might expect, our boy didn't come out on top:
DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M: Much like his team, the seven-footer looks great for stretches, then mediocre. The Aggies have been shellacked a few times this season, and Jordan was mostly AWOL for every one.
The loss to KU was not like a lot of our losses; we didn't blow a 20 point lead, or only score 10 in a half. In the post-game press conference, Turge actually felt "better about [his] team right now than [he] did three hours ago." That is slightly more positive than some of his other post-loss quotes, my favorites include: "it just looked like we were totally disinterested", "we have a lot of guys not playing very well right now", "we looked like quicksand compared to them".

This loss more like the Baylor 5-OTer, where, despite the result, Turge was "really proud of our group." If you will remember, we followed up that loss with a five-game winning streak, so I have reserved optimism going into the the conference tournament.

As I (and just about everyone else) predicted five games ago, a 2-3 finish would require some work in the Big 12 tourney. So Joe Jones is going to "go to Kansas City and try to come home with as many wins as we can." Well Joe, as many as you can needs to be more than zero.

First up in the tournament is Iowa State (who we whipped in Ames). The winner faces K-State.

Friday, March 7, 2008

According to an interview over at The 12th Manchild, the Texas A&M fans at the Baylor game were not ejected, they were escorted out for their own safety. Read the complete interview here.

Eat it Scott Drew!
Saturday's game has a ton of stories. We are playing to get off the NCAA tourney bubble (some think the Baylor win makes it a lock, but Joe Lunardi hasn't updated his bracket in 4 days so we can't be sure [what the hell else does this guy have to do? 34 basketball games have been played since the last time he got off his ass]). KU is playing for a conference championship. Turge is facing a the school he played for and coached (under Larry Brown and Roy Williams). It is our senior night. Given all of that, what is Turge is just hoping "it’s a really big game every year." Kind of anti-climactic.

In other news...

In a phone conversation with the four letter network Baylor head coach Scott Drew that

he was told Jones stood over Carter, who was crumbled to the floor, and said "stay down [bleep]."... Drew also said he felt Jones dipped his shoulder when setting the screen that Carter didn't see at midcourt.

Check the video out below. 1) Joe in no way stood over him. After setting the screen, he turned and jogged to the basket. No move was made toward Carter. 2) Who heard Joe say "stay down [bleep]"? No one was around him. The closest guy was waiting to check in and he didn't even flinch. 3) Carter is 5'10'', Joe is 6'9''. That difference in height would require some serious shoulder dipping by Joe. I don't see it.

Way to stoke the fire Drew.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The D-Morn News ran "No drama as A&M tops Baylor" as the headline for Wednesday's game. No drama, really? What started as a hard (clean) pick by Joe and a near brawl between our assistant head coach Scott Spinelli and Baylor player Mamadou Diene, turned REAL ugly when a few jackass Baylor fans began throwing basketballs and drinks onto the court. At the time I was not surprised. Loosing your school's biggest game in 20 years has to be tough. But it seems that throwing crap is a new tradition in Waco, and their is AD is not that happy about it, something about it being "a classless act." Baylor... do I have to ask? WWJD?

Back to the game.

We had a few classic Texas A&M scoring droughts (at one point we scored two points in seven minutes), but our lock down defense kept us in the game. The majority of our stats don't indicate we played good defense (we had less steals, less blocks, and more turnovers), but it shows in the only stat that matters: baskets. None of the Bears scored in double digits, and their starting five shot 0.28. That is WAY below their average, which is four guys in double digits and a starting five who shoot in the mid 0.40s.

Any guesses on which team shows up on Sat?