Thursday, March 6, 2008

The D-Morn News ran "No drama as A&M tops Baylor" as the headline for Wednesday's game. No drama, really? What started as a hard (clean) pick by Joe and a near brawl between our assistant head coach Scott Spinelli and Baylor player Mamadou Diene, turned REAL ugly when a few jackass Baylor fans began throwing basketballs and drinks onto the court. At the time I was not surprised. Loosing your school's biggest game in 20 years has to be tough. But it seems that throwing crap is a new tradition in Waco, and their is AD is not that happy about it, something about it being "a classless act." Baylor... do I have to ask? WWJD?

Back to the game.

We had a few classic Texas A&M scoring droughts (at one point we scored two points in seven minutes), but our lock down defense kept us in the game. The majority of our stats don't indicate we played good defense (we had less steals, less blocks, and more turnovers), but it shows in the only stat that matters: baskets. None of the Bears scored in double digits, and their starting five shot 0.28. That is WAY below their average, which is four guys in double digits and a starting five who shoot in the mid 0.40s.

Any guesses on which team shows up on Sat?

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