Thursday, June 26, 2008

We finished 12th in the 2007-08 U.S. Sports Academy Directors’ Cup and 2nd among Big-12 schools, our best-ever finish. Thank your women's sports!!

1. Stanford 1461.00
2. UCLA 1182.00
3. Michigan 1154.50
4. Arizona State 1146.00
5. Texas 1129.50
6. Florida 1126.75
7. California 1120.00
8. LSU 1085.00
9. Penn State 1041.00
10. Georgia 1040.00
11. Ohio State 1034.75
12. TEXAS A&M 1031.00

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bubbles always pop; that's what they do; that's why we call them bubbles. Dot-com, housing, and now DeAndre Jordan. The man who kept us at the edge of our seat all season waiting for him to take over a game, but never did, is sliding in the NBA draft. Some how, despite his college "performance", DJ's stock never dropped. But now, after some one-on-one matches where he "did not looked good", some are saying he is now a second-rounder. I think he is still a lotto pick; never underestimate the bad decision making in the NBA.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I got the inside word on Turge's 2009 commit Naji Hibbert. A local high school coach says...
Naji Hibbert...SICK. He'll make contribution immediately at A&M. DeMatha is one of the best basketball programs in the country; he's one of the best prospects in his class and I love his game.
Given this insight, you might be surprised that Hibbert is on the low end of's top 150 recruits (134) until you note that he "dropped nearly 80 spots" in the rankings last month. 80 spots in one month without a major injury?!?! What did the kid do? Forget how to play basketball?

Seems that either their model (if they use one) is WAY too sensitive, or their rankings are arbitrary and capricious.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Turge adds ANOTHER 3-star guy to his 2009 recruiting class, that makes three. Kourtney Roberson decided after an unofficial visit this weekend. Roberson is the half-brother of Mr. Sportmanship, Mr. Team player, and the all-time Big 12 points leader for at least a day, former A&M standout and Melvin Watkins product Bernard King.
Sorry about the lack of posts... traveling makes posting difficult.

DeAndre Jordan is staying in the draft and, as you know, Josh Carter is not. Turge said that, "DeAndre is pursuing his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA. The Aggie basketball family wishes him nothing but the best in the draft and in his professional career."

DJ is the biggest disappointment since Reggie McNeal. Who is to blame? Turge? DJ? Both?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Our field goal kicker is transferring for "personal" reasons. This guy was a big recruit coming in, and ending being 17-for-30 on field goal attempts and 52-of-53 on extra points. 17-30 seem eh.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As one bows out another gears up.

Our run at the softball national championship ended last night with a second loss to Arizona State. Our batters could never get going against Arizona State pitcher Katie Burkhart. It was a great run and I look forward to next year. I cannot find any confirmation on this, but I think Amanda Scarboro will be able to get a medical red shirt for this season and play next season.

The good news is that we still have a dog in the fight (it has been long enough since Mike Vick et al. for that saying to be usable right?). Our baseball team DOMINATED the College Station regional, scoring 53 runs in four games. That should be enough to shake off whatever sticky ickyies may have been leftover from the 8 game skid. The only thing between us and Omaha is Rice (Why the hell do we always play Rice in the post-season?). We didn't do well against these guys back in April (L 2-11), but I like our chances. You see, I am going to Omaha next week, but I am leaving on Thursday. The CWS starts on Friday. Had my trip extended a few days, we wouldn't stand a chance.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Arizona State took game one of the Women's College World Series Final 3-0.

Something must be in the water in Oklahoma City. Prior to the making the trip north, we were averaging over 5 runs a game this post season. But in OKC, we have crossed the plate just five times in five games (that was a lot of 5s). Last night was especially painful. Jo felt that "we got a little discouraged at the plate and it got the best of us." No kidding. With two hits and no runs, last night was the worst offensive performance of the year. "Obviously we need to make some adjustments."

Jo, if you are reading this, I think it is time we asked for his help...