Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too bad the season is over, because that would have been a hell of a game last night. 1083 yards of offense, 11 TDs, and two punts. That is like a McDonald's All-American game, zero defense. Iowa State's QB Austen Arnaud had a career day, throwing more than 100 yards more on Saturday than in any other game in his career, but couldn't find the end zone. In total, Iowa State had 401 yards in the air but only one passing touchdown. How does that happen? Goodson didn't play due to a sprained ACL so the running game was pretty much dormant outside of Cy-Gray's 27 yard TD.

Freshman Ryan Tannehill passed T-Murph (and others) to be A&M's most prolific freshman receiver, and there are still at least four games left in the season.

Shermi quote of the year, "Our back is so far up against the wall we have splinters up our butt."

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Anonymous said...

finally a showing of what the future holds for this team...if all these guys stay...stay healthy and get along with program might be headed into the right direction...I'd still like the defese to sure up in places but if you out score the other team I guess it does not matter...I have a man crush on JJ