Friday, December 21, 2007

Texas A&M 65, GW 66
That was hands-down the best women's basketball game I have ever attended. Sucks that we lost, especially since at the end of regulation the scoreboard read "TAMU 60 GW 59" when the score was actually 60-60. Because of this our players didn't 1) rush down the court and try and get a last second shot or 2) call a time out so a play could be drawn up. Instead they ran out the clock and we went to overtime.

Here are some pics from the game...

Coach Blair and his shinny new Big 12 championship ring.

The crowd. GW fans are on the left, TAMU fans on the right.

Some of the few GW faithful. I am not exactly sure what is going one here, but I do know that is one well secured crotch. Two hands, pressed against the chest; that is just good fundamentals.

A few very confused GW fans. Yes, thats right, those are hook'em horns. I don't get it. Fans for the team we are playing are cheering for our rival. Can they not cheer for their own team? What is their objective here? Am I supposed to be offended?

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