Friday, December 28, 2007

SA-Express published the Texas A&M Alamo Bowl roster. It is pretty worthless considering it lists two player that are not eligible to play in the Alamo Bowl (Mi Bennett and Jodie Richardson).

When Penn State has the ball, we need to "drive [their QB] from the pocket and require him to make split-second adjustments." We are screwed.

Note: A different analysis from the same news paper states that "Penn State is 7-0 when they run for 190 yards or more and 1-4 when they produce fewer yards." I didn't run the numbers, but that seems to be a pretty strong correlation. I will leave it up to the professionals at the four-letter network to decide if the stats indicate that we need to stop the run and the pass, or keep their offense off the field. I have a hard time figuring out which one is appropriate.

Penn State is ninth nationally in total defense and is "especially good against the run", but Les Koenning is in control of the offense and he "loves to throw the ball." We might not be screwed.

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