Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The thing that strikes me the most about the Miami game is how people see what they want to see.  Those that groaned when Stephen was announced with the starters then left their feet and cheered when JJ's name came next saw a different game.  They saw him stay alive in the pocket in the face of a ton of presure, and throw for 275 yards and 3 TDs, even with crummy receivers running crummy routes.  "Just think how McGee would have done with that pass rush," they say.

I saw none of that.  Even Sherms admits that despite the numbers, the passing game it was "nothing to hand your hat on."  I saw poor decision making on runs and passes and a complete disregard for protecting the ball.  I saw "14 points on a silver platter."  I saw poorly thrown passes that left receivers stretched out and dangerously vulnerable to hits.  Thankfully Fuller only had the wind knocked out of him.

Other frustrations/news:

Niether JJ nor Goodson are risk adverse.  When face with decision to either run straight and be guaranteed four yards, or make a move and either 20 yards or loose two, they will both choose the shake and bake EVERY TIME.  We went three and out in one series because JJ left us at third and short after a fail moved.

In his post game news conference, Sherms said that we had no success in the two back set, and some success at the option. In fact, you saw JJ line up as a receive at one point so that we could run the option with out the risk of injuring the QB.  The option?  Really?  Are we reverting to the Fran playbook?  Did Sherms learn something about this team that our former coach already knew?

JJ hurt his shoulder, but not as bad as McGee.

Shermi tucked in his shirt.
I cannot believe people complained out that.

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