Saturday, September 6, 2008

In a few hours we will see how well Shermi was able to get his players to "flush it out."  Judging by the comments
"It was real frustrating actually." - Mike Goodson
"It's extremely disappointing. It hurts." - Stephen McGee
this one may clog on the way down.

While those quotes are discuraging, the real slap-in-the-face comes from New Mexico head coach Rocky Long when he said, "I don't know if A&M has more athletic ability than TCU."  F you Rocky.

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Eric said...

Rocky Long has been the Lobos coach for 11 years with a .500 record.

I'm sure Mr. Long is a fine judge of talent, but he's not much of a game coach. He sent his offense onto the field for a two-point converstion down six points with 34 ticks left on the clock. Okay... that's bad enough, but when he didn't like the look the Aggies gave him, HE BURNED A TIMEOUT! Note to Coach Long: Run the play you called. If you're lucky, you get the points. If not, THEY DON'T MATTER ANYWAY!!!. Do the math. The timeout is FAR more valuable than two points in a six-point deficit.

Franchione had more talent than that on his worst day. As an Aggie fan you hate to see your opponents doing something so unbelievably senseless. It takes just a little bit of the shine off that W.