Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maybe I have been too hard on this team. I tell people that I don't
like them because, even in a blow out, previous teams would always
play really hard, if not smart or well. But this team seems soft and
only plays hard when things are going well.

I may have to change my mind

I just read a story about Billy Gillispie showing his team A&M games
(no link, I am in the DMV and this thing can't cut and paste). From
the headline I thought he was showing some old games, Acid Law/Chris
Walker games. Wrong! They watched games from the current teams, live.

BCG wanted to "show his team his to play." Say what you want about
that SOB, but he is a coach who puts effort and toughness above almost
anything else. I am not. He sees things in this team that I do not.
I will start looking harder.

I hope to see it in Waco.

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Anonymous said...

this team gieves heart and effort...they have not given up in any game...they have played much better in the last handful of games...I was hopeful for this season but it looks like a loss...but most of this team will be back so they need to end the season on a good note and get ready for the studs coming in next year...