Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nebraska 65, Texas A&M 59

Going into this game I felt out season was slipping away, so starting off down 17 - 9 didn't give me the warm fuzzies. We battled back and took the lead with 4:35 let, but it ended like it started with the bad guys going on a 15 - 9 run.

WFT? Where is the team that won the preseason NIT and whipped the Longhorns? Don't ask Turge, he "[doesn't] know what happened to the guys that [he] was coaching when we left Missouri." He has tried to change things, but the players still have to play.

Take the ball screen defense. Turge knows NU likes to roll to the basket after setting a ball screen in hopes of getting an easy layup, so he had our guys squeezed the screen. "By squeezing, [you] can't roll the basket", yet they still manged to get 5 layups off the screen and roll. 10 easy points against a defense whose sole purpose is to prevent that play. "We are guarding it the right way, guys are just not executing."

We have been limited on offense this year. Our point guards can't get us into our sets. We have 234987 big guys, but no one can get them the ball, if they do get the ball they are double teams and can't pass out of it. For the most part teams just have to guard Josh. Fortunately we are usually able to compensate with good defense, but with that gone we can't beat a second tier Big 12 team at home.

So now what? We have been here before. Last time we bounced back and won 5 straight. Turge will "know Monday whether we are out of it or not." The rest of us will have to wait until Wednesday.

Oh ya. DRow played great. 5-7 from the field, 13 points. I guess the nickname worked.

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Anonymous said...

my guess is that they want to add the post season NIT to their Pre-season NIT title...they're done for the NCAA and have no chance in the BIG 12 tourney...might not win again in the regular season...