Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reporters, being the carnivores that they are, could not even wait until Mike Sherman got off the field after his offense was outscored by the Browns (whose defense is ranked 30th in my fantasy league) 27 to 17 to ask him questions about the TAMU head coaching vacancy. He, of course, deflected all questions, but the other Texans coaches/execs acted like he was already gone. Saying things like "we don't want to lose Mike because he's a terrific coach", "A&M could search for a long time and not find a candidate better than Mike Sherman", "we would highly recommend Mike for the job", and "we'd wish him the best". Neither owner Bob McNair or head coach Gary Kubiak, a former Aggie, knew anything about Sherman being interviewed, but since Sherman is not a college coach, $Bill does not have to ask permission to talk to him. We would also not have to pay for a buy out, but I am not sure that matters.

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