Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tip off

Now 3 hrs of waiting. Maybe UCLA will foul to win it again.



Thursday, March 19, 2009

Memphis is loosing, crap.
I finished my bracket yesterday, and, as always, I hate it. There are
a million strategies for building a bracket; I usually go matchup to
matchup and make corrections when something higly unlikely pops up. I
never start by picking my final four and work backwards, that is for
the weak. However I have once again painted myself into a corner. On
my first pass I had Kansas and UNC in the final, which I didn't like
at all, but the only way to fix it was having Memphis in the final.
WTF? Held my nose and sent it in. You can't win your pools every year.
In the interest of full disclosure, the last time I saw BYU play was in the first round game of last year’s tournament when we, and Josh Carter in particular, beat them 67-60. I have however watched a lot of A&M basketball since then, so I am a bit less clueless than the talking heads. In fact, I have watched enough of A&M basketball to call their first offensive play: turnover by Brian Davis. While BYU plays great defense, allowing 10 fewer points per 100 possessions than the D1 average, they only cause an average turnovers. So this one is all Brian Davis, he just loves giving up the rock to start the game. In fact, a bunch of our guys just hate not turning it over, which is very dangerous considering how fast BYU likes to play⎯ they are the 10th fastest team in the tourney. If we commit a lot of turnovers, or get into one of our notorious 15 minute scoring droughts, then the we will find them ourselves on the bad end of a 12 point run.

Basketball isn’t transitive, but in the absences of any other real insight it will have to do. Both BYU and A&M played Tulsa early in the season, BYU won by six and A&M lost by 11. This tells us exactly nothing. You will never get those 7 seconds back.

My call, A&M by 10.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lunardi has jumped us from in the "next four out" group to IN, and not even one of the "last four in." He has us against Syracuse, which should make you chuckle because Cuse was the first team we played, and beat, in modern Aggie basketball tournmanet play.

He has us sitting at 11 right now, I could stand a few more wins and a better seed, but my moma told me never to look a gift tourney berth in the mouth.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why the hell is the game delayed? Anyone?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Again with the obsessive bubble watching...

After dropping out of Joe Lunardi's radar for what feels like months we are back, sort of. We are near the top of the "next four out" list. 6th on the waiting list. The good news is that he now predicts 5 Big 12 teams will make the dance; he had only 4 making it for quite some time. The newest add was OSU as a 12 seed. OSU finishes out with Texas, KState, and OU. They could easily not win another game. But OSU is KState's toughest remaining opponesnt. This is when the comonotorics start to give me a headache.